NIH: Office of Disease Prevention


Community Resources

The information in the Community Resources section is intended for a variety of audiences, including community planners, health care and public health professionals, policymakers, and the general public. It highlights various evidenced-based practices and programs, news and announcements, upcoming events, educational materials, and resources from the NIH and its federal partners.

Evidence-Based Practices and Programs

The ODP has identified databases and other resources that provide information on evidence-based disease prevention strategies and interventions with the potential to impact public health.

News and Announcements

This section highlights recent prevention-related press releases and announcements from the NIH and its federal partners.

Public Health Campaigns

NIH is a trusted source of evidence-based scientific information. These NIH-sponsored campaigns provide information and tools to help health care professionals, practitioners, and the general public make informed decisions about their health and the health of their patients. These resources are examples and are not intended to be a comprehensive list.

Programs and Events

The goal of the Pathways to Prevention (P2P) program is to host workshops that identify research gaps in a selected scientific area, identify methodological and scientific weaknesses in that scientific area, suggest research needs, and move the field forward through an unbiased, evidence-based assessment of a complex public health issue.

Medicine: Mind the Gap is a webinar series that explores research design, measurement, intervention, data analysis, and other methods of interest to prevention science.

NIH and Federal Partners’ Resources

This section describes programs, health campaigns, information services, publications, and websites that address key topics in prevention.